Quit being a couch potato and enter a room!


1 room 2-8 persons. You have 60-80 minutes. 


Safety First

Our rooms were created under safety aspects in first place. Have a look on our safety measures >>>


The team, consisting of 2-8 players, is instructed briefly and then brought to the gaming room where it is given 60-80 minutes to find a hidden treasure or solve an exciting mystery. All clues needed to fulfill that mission can be found within the room. But they will be very well hidden or even locked away. In order to find all the leads, secret compartments must be found, locks must be picked and puzzles must be solved. 

Rätseln im Raum Heritage

Recommended minimum age: 14.

Game time: 60 minutes.

Playable by 3-8 persons.

X-level 5 (1-10).





A mysterious phone call from nurse Theresa leads you to "Am Bahndamm", a retirement home .


Your long-lost uncle Markus’ wealth and inheritance to you is in imminent danger. Can you save his fortune?


Hurry up, the countdown is running. Are you ready ?

Have a great time with your friends, family or coworkers and visit our english-escape room


The MindArena is offered exclusively in Mainz & Wiesbaden.


A team of 6 persons max sets out to solve as many puzzles as possible at 6 different stations. The set time is 10 minutes per station. In between stations the teams can gain extra points by listening to the tale of the “Mindhunter” and may even reach the HIGHscore….

What makes the MindArena special

Up to 6 teams can be playing the Arena at the same time – which makes the MindArena ideal for team building events.

Eine Station in der MindArena


You can book the MindArena including a debriefing session carried out by a professional psychologist.


Recommended minimum age: 14 yrs.

Game time: 90 minutes.

Maximum players: 36 persons.


Booking only per request>>>.

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