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escapeX has the largest variety of puzzles and games on offerWe have personally developed and built all our rooms. Adventure games and the MindArena are available exclusively in Mainz & Wiesbaden. 


The team, consisting of three to eight players, is instructed briefly and then brought to the gaming room where it is given 60 minutes to find a hidden treasure. For now we have one room playable in english.


Heritage escapeX
escape room "Heritage"


Recommended minimum age: 14

Game time: 60 minutes

Playable by 3-8 persons. X-level 5 (1-10)


Markus Freitag, your long-lost uncle, has spent many years living in Brasil and becoming very rich. He ends up spending his last days all alone at a retirement home called “Am Bahndamm”.


Come to the retirement home and find the Kantonsbank Appenzell cash card. 

The countdown is running...

Good to know

Heritage is playable for english-spoken


Equipped with an iPad and our ActionPack, you start a mission in Mainz downtown.

Choose between a fairy tale or a conspiracy thriller and save the world!

the magic portal

The fairy tale

suitable from 14 years

2-6 persons each team/ max 3 teams

150-180 minutes

MagicPortal escapeX
the magic portal


Danger looms from a long-lost world.

The local portal watchman has been overpowered by a magic spell. And now evil creatures roam through our proud, enchanting city.


By proving your bravery, intelligence and speed, you can solve  all the hidden riddles and close the portal again.

Operation Mindfall

Conspiracy thriller

suitable from 14 years

2-6 persons each team/ max 3 teams

150-180 minutes

OperationMindfall escapeX
special activity operations


The secret research company Spider Technologies has already infected 20% of the world's population with a mind-control virus. 


Find the antidote by Dr. Bergmann, get access to the main server and prevent the disaster!


coming soon...

MindArena escapeX
the battle of the riddles

So hurry up. Quit being a couch potato and enter our adventures!