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Brahm Meerfeld Meerfeld Paulus GbR

Bahnstrasse 10 * 65205 Wiesbaden / Weihergartenstrasse 11 * 55116 Mainz

Tax authority Wiesbaden * DE316317752

Mainzer Voksbank * MVBMDE55 * DE67551900000951811017

Plattform der EU-Kommission zur Online-Streitbeilegung:

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All marketing and online booking  is carried out by evento GmbH & Co. KG * Knäppenstr. 9 * 33129 Delbrück * T 02944-979960 * CEO: Matthias Meerfeld. 

The contract regarding any and all services exists solely between the person making the booking and the BMMP GbR. evento acts as a communicative messenger only regarding the procurement of said services and shall not act in its own name. Mail to evento GmbH & Co. KG >>>

Responsible for all contents (gem. § 55 II RStV): Matthias Meerfeld, Knäppenstr. 9, 33129 Delbrück-Westenholz