escapeX - this is what we´ve done for your safety


> You will never be handcuffed or tethered in our escape-rooms

All doors are open during your stay or can be easily opened by an emergency switch

No open fire - NEVER !

Each team will be supervised by one operator.


additional security-features

> All rooms are on the ground floor, so in an emergency-case the windows are an emergency exit

> In our lounge a hand-held extinguisher is ready to hand


SOFORT-Gutscheine escapeX
Das Logo des escape-Fachverbandes


Bahnstrasse 10

65205 Wiesbaden

OT Erbenheim

/// vergisst.fortschrittlich.seine


T 0611-95249052

eMail an escapeX


Wir informieren Euch etwa alle sechs Wochen über Aktionen, Termine oder neue Produkte.

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